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AMI Solutions

Our Solutions Provide You With an Edge

At AMI, we believe you should be able to get the marketing help you need for your business in the ways that work best for you. That is why we have developed a variety of ways you can work with us. You pick what’s best for you now or we’ll help you pick.

Do you need an experienced marketing pro but you can’t afford one full time? Our One-On-Ones program provides just that. We’ll help you brainstorm ideas into action plans and outline programs and products to set you up for success.

Are you done with doing it yourself? Do you need to focus on only what only you can do? That is where AMI’s MarketingMuscle comes in. We’ll not only build your marketing machine, but we’ll make it run smoothly month after month.

Do you find yourself struggling with what to say about your brand? Are you always tweaking your message because you aren’t quite sure how to adapt it to your situation? AMI’s MessageMaps take the guess work out of what to say and how to say it.

Are you tired of spending $1000’s and still not liking your website? Do you wish there was a simpler way? Well now there is! And it’s a RocketSite! We have built a way for entrepreneurs and small business to have a dynamic online presence for a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle.

Build your business — Not your marketing campaigns

As a successful entrepreneur, you understand that marketing is an essential element of your business. But do you often feel like you need a little something extra to make it work well. You know that having help to brainstorm ideas into action plans and outline programs and products will set you up for success.

Expertise without the overhead

You know that in this crowded and ever-changing marketplace you need a partner that brings experience and insights. AMI helps entrepreneurs stand out in ways that foster growth, loyalty, and profitability.

Individual projects, ongoing support or both

As a successful entrepreneur, you want to choose when and how you utilize assistance. And you know that hiring a full-time help isn’t always the right choice for you. AMI meets all your marketing needs whether it is for a specific project or a long-term solution.

Each week we provide Marketing Morsels that serve as your virtual marketing partner.

We know you don’t want to wait!

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