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AMI Understands the Unique
Challenges You Face

You need an effective partner to ensure that you stay on course, maintain your vision, and have the courage to keep going even when everyone else thinks you are nuts. We help you do that. Amy Matthews Integrated is a business consulting firm founded on the premise that great ideas can and should be nourished, encouraged, and supported. We are not coaches or cheerleaders, we’re a partner you can trust.

Practical advice and inspiration to turn your ideas into profitable realities.

Together we will build a stronger, better, more consistent brand.

In marketing, perception is everything. How your customers and potential customers perceive you is not only important it is imperative. This is even more the case for small businesses and startups where every interaction must count. AMI first helps you create a customer-centric environment and then helps make sure you are sending not only the right message but the same message every time you reach your target. We also help you incorporate what they are saying back. Together we will help you build a stronger, better, more consistent brand that resonates with your customer base.


Build your business — Not your marketing campaigns

As a successful entrepreneur, you understand that marketing is an essential element of your business. But do you often feel like you need a little something extra to make it work well. You know that having help to brainstorm ideas into action plans and outline programs and products will set you up for success.

Expertise without the overhead

You know that in this crowded and ever-changing marketplace you need a partner that brings experience and insights. AMI helps entrepreneurs stand out in ways that foster growth, loyalty, and profitability.

Individual projects, ongoing support or both

As a successful entrepreneur, you want to choose when and how you utilize assistance. And you know that hiring a full-time help isn’t always the right choice for you. AMI meets all your marketing needs whether it is for a specific project or a long-term solution.


Are you ready for a partner to take your business to the next level?