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AMI Understands the Unique Challenges You Face
As An Entrepreneur.

You need an effective marketing partner to ensure that you are reaching the right people in the right ways with minimal impact on your time and at a price you can afford. Amy Matthews founded AMI on the premise that employing a cross-functional strategic approach to marketing can drive businesses to the next level.

Sound fancy? It really is just common sense. If you focus on creating an organization that is centered on the customer and not just what promotions you offer you will build lasting relationships, not short-term sales. This customer-centric approach helps you as an entrepreneur ensure that you are managing and planning for all stages of the brand relationship. This creates a competitive advantage by establishing those profitable long-term relationships you seek.

The 4 P’s become the 4 C’s of marketing.

Are you thinking, “Why should I hire a marketing professional instead of just doing it myself?”

5 reasons why

Build your business — Not your marketing campaigns

As a successful entrepreneur, you understand that just because you can create an ad, postcard, or social media campaign doesn’t mean that you should. You know that having the right partner to handle that marketing is as key to your success as having the right product.


Marketing expertise without the overhead

You know that in this crowded and ever-changing marketplace you need a marketing partner that brings experience and insights. AMI helps entrepreneurs stand out by creating lasting impressions that foster growth, loyalty, and profitability.


Individual projects, ongoing support or both

As a successful entrepreneur, you want to choose when and how you utilize marketing assistance. And you know that hiring a full-time marketing executive isn’t the right choice for you. AMI meets all your marketing needs whether it is for a specific project or a long term solution.



Are you ready for a partner to take your business to the next level?